Automation Overview

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Computers and the software that powers them have become a mayor driving force in the way we do business today and in the future and by extension the way we account for our business operations. 

Setting up your accounting software or POS system is key to making technology work for you and produce the data and information that you as a business leader want to see in order to make the right decisions. We have extensive experience in setting up accounting software and POS systems, setting up your chart of accounts in the most efficient way, linking the various features of your software to the right account to produce the desired results.  

Where desirable and beneficial, we will propose cloud solutions and help you set these up. Cloud software solutions are a great way to make our work with clients more efficient as it lets us view the same transaction as the client from the comfort of our office. 

Importing bank and cash transactions from external sources has become one of the best ways to create efficiency in your accounting. Where possible and beneficial we will set up these procedures in your accounting work.

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Leysner & de Cuba has chosen Twinfield as one of our 1st cloud solution projects. It has been used for the accounting of many of our clients with great efficiency.  

Twinfield offers a lot of accounting functionality to businesses and their external accountants. In addition to general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, other features include: invoice management, credit management, expense claims, project management, budgeting, consolidation, time sheets, the ability to handle multiple accounts and users, work with multiple currencies (the system allows up to two reporting currencies in each company), and access to a wide range of reports. Stock management, CRM, commitment accounting and purchase-to-pay authorization are among the add-ons provided by more than 50 third party ‘Twinapps’ partners.

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Other sofware we use


A reliable accounting software with built in flexibility to setup your accounting the way you want to. 

A reliable accounting software with built in flexibility to setup your accounting the way you want to.